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Jurist & Bewind understands that handing over your money is not an easy choice. At Jurist & Bewind you can count on expert professional administrators. Honest and transparent communication is paramount.

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V. Hernandez


“As an experienced care provider, I have been involved in coaching and guiding clients for the past 22 years. In 1997 I started as an administrative assistant at an indication body CIZ. After that I went to study to become a Social Worker. After my studies, I worked as a Social Worker for five years and then made the step to work as a debt counselor. I have done this for more than nine years. I have mainly worked with groups, given training, written procedures and rewritten policy documents. What I find important is to work transparently and to have passion for the profession you practice!!”


S. Esenkaya


"I started working as an assistant administrator. During this period I completed the HBO-Law degree. In order to be able to do even more for my clients, I have made the switch to professional administrator.
Thanks to my experience and legal knowledge, I am well able to assist clients who not only have problems with finances and debts, but also have problems in other areas. This could include applying for the right benefits and taking measures to prevent a home eviction.

A good cooperation between client and administrator only exists if there is mutual trust, communication and openness. In addition to good cooperation, I think it is important that we work on the self-reliance of my clients."


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