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Sometimes it is no longer possible to manage your finances independently; in such cases, we are happy to talk to you to see what support Jurist & Bewind can offer in your situation. Jurist & Bewind ensures that your financial affairs are managed in a careful and professional manner.

What is a protective regime?
Administration is also called protection regime or under-administration. The establishment of administration is pronounced by the subdistrict court. From the moment of the ruling, the administrator takes over the management of the finances.

Administration is intended for people who temporarily or for a longer period of time cannot take care of his or her finances. This may be due to a disability, addiction, old age or other special circumstances; for example, payment arrears that you can no longer get out of. At your request, the court can appoint an administrator to manage the finances.

What does the administrator do?
The administrator opens a 'management account' and ensures that all income and expenses from this account run. After all fixed costs have been paid, a part is reserved and a part is deposited in the 'living allowance account'. How much that is, is different in every situation. During an intake interview, the possibilities are discussed in your personal situation.

The administrator looks at what you are entitled to (you can think of allowances) and applies for it. In the event of payment arrears, the administrator will look at how this can be solved.

How long does administration take?
The duration depends on your personal situation. The subdistrict court pronounces administration for an indefinite period of time. If you no longer wish to be under administration, you can submit a request to the court for termination of your protection regime. The judge will then determine whether the administration can be terminated. In doing so, the subdistrict court will look at the reason for your sub-administration.

What should I do myself if I am under administration?
In administration, it is very important that you provide transparency. If there are any changes in your financial situation, you must inform us in good time. Only then can we look together with you at how we are going to tackle the situation and act on it in a timely manner.

In addition, it can sometimes happen that mail is sent to your own address. In that case, you must also inform us. For example, by forwarding the letter or taking a photo and sending it via mail or WhatsApp.

How do I make an appointment?
You can contact us via the contact form. We will contact you by telephone as soon as possible to briefly discuss the situation and, if desired, to schedule an intake interview. During the interview, we will map out the situation together with you.

Are you a social worker?
If you, as a care provider of an organization, are looking for help and / or information for one of your clients, please feel free to contact us. We would like to discuss with you what support we can offer.

Would you like to enter into a partnership with us? Feel free to contact us and we can schedule an introductory meeting.

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