We take over the entire financial care from you.
This can be done right from the start. We are happy to help you with the application for protection at the subdistrict court. Administration is for people who, due to illness, age, problematic debts or special circumstances, can no longer or temporarily no longer want to arrange their financial affairs.

What is administration?

See here how it works exactly

Why Jurist & Bewind?

With us you can count on a professional and personal approach. You can contact your personal administrator all day with all your questions. This is unique! Do you need personal contact? Then you can! We are happy to schedule an appointment for you and your supervisor.

Experienced Administrators
Permanent contact person
Quick response
URGENT procedure possible
Our clients give us a 9.4!
Free consultation
Collaborations with major foundations, such as Voedselbank, Stichting Jarige Jop, Stichting Kinderhulp and many more.
Officially recognized by the trade association BPBI

Our step-by-step plan

After your registration, we will contact you within a day for an intake.
Do you have a supervisor? Then it is wise if your supervisor is at the intake. The intake is at your home or in the institution where you live. We will send you and your supervisor a list of documents to collect in advance. We need this for the application of the regime.

1. Notification

You can use the online form or by telephone on 020 260 0003.

2. Intake Interview

We will contact you within 24 hours of registration.

3. The Session

The judge invites you for an interview with us. Together with you, we draw up a plan of action.

4. Administration

After the decision, we will draw up a budget plan together with you.

5. Account & Accountability

Jurist & Bewind bears all responsibility for your finances. Every year we send the court a report with an overview of the income and expenses with the necessary explanations.

6. Evaluation

There is regular contact between you and our administrator. We will inform you of your situation, abilities and necessities.

Home visits

By visiting you at home, your administrator of Jurist & Bewind gets a good picture of your personal situation. The role of the supervisor is very important here. From his profession we get a complete picture of your personal and financial situation. During the intake, we explain calmly and clearly what protection regime (or administration) exactly entails. We then prepare all the forms on the spot for the application of the administration to the subdistrict court. After the interview, we send all papers to the court. The court will then invite you to a hearing at the court.


During the hearing, our administrator will guide you. We like it if your supervisor is also present at the hearing. The subdistrict court then pronounces the administration and appoints on what grounds this happens. For example, there may be normal administration, debt administration or a combination of the two. We will assist and help you at all times!


After receiving the court's decision, Jurist & Bewind will start your personal file. We write to the recipients of your fixed costs and income providers about the administration. With this we unburden you completely, so that you do not have to worry about it. After receiving your first income, the administration officially starts. Your personal administrator will contact you immediately. We also transfer the first weekly living allowance. You can check the management account for incoming and outgoing payments at any time!

What does the administrator do for you:

Taking care of registration procedure protection regime
Drawing up a budget plan
Opening a bank account in the name of the client
Receiving income in the client's bank account
Payment of the weekly allowance to the client
Payment of fixed costs
Applications for special assistance from the municipality
Applying for care and rent allowance
Inventory of indebtedness
Applying for a debt settlement with the municipality
Applying for third-party insurance
Claiming bills from a health insurer
Taking care of the tax return Box 1
Providing an Account and Accountability to the Court

What can/may Jurist & Bewind not arrange for you?

Register in the basic administration of the municipality
Applying for an identity card/passport
Register with the UWV Werkbedrijf (formerly CWI)
Applying for DigiD
Provision of medical data
Log out of the care office
Providing housing
Applications for social assistance/benefit

Questions & answers

For all your questions please contact us